5 Most Famous Vineyards in the World

There are countless vineyards in this country and around the world that are unique in their own ways. If we had our way, we’d take some time off and visit each and every one of them! Since we (and most people) can’t do that, we put together a list of 5 most famous vineyards in the world. Hopefully this will inspire our fellow wine lovers to travel to these five destinations for award-winning wine.

Loire Valley

loire-valley chateau-of-villandry-loire-valley-france_mainLocated towards the middle of France, Loire Valley, is a short train ride from Paris. The vineyard has a romantic feel to it and is covered in cultural monuments. This area uses key red grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Gamay. The white grape varieties are Melon de Bourgogne and Chenin Blanc. It’s a vast region, so we’ve listed a few wineries you’ll want to check out. Bonus: They also happen to be the closest to each other, making your adventure a little more convenient:
• Domaines Des Vallettes
• Château de Minière
• Perre et Bertrand Couly

Cape Winelands

main_3This area is a premier Western Cape visitor attraction, located in South Africa. The vineyard provides delicious, well-regarded South African wines to the world. Tucked behind the mountains, the location makes unique soil conditions, which affect the character of the wine. Travel + Leisure picked their top 5 wineries to visit within Cape Winelands.

Bodega Ysios

bodegas-ysiosOpened in 2001 in Laguardia Spain, Bodega Ysios is a modern take on a vineyard. The building itself is a remarkable feat with an aluminum roof that mirrors the mountains in the background. Bodega Ysios is seen from miles away. This vineyard is actually named after the Egyptian goddess of magic, who oversaw the conversion of grapes into wine.


piemonte_italy_vineyards_with_villageThe second largest region in Italy, Piedmont is known for fine wine. The Barbera grape is the most widely planted grape in the region but it is also known for Barolo and Barbaresco. The rolling hills are filled from one winery to the next, making it a picturesque experience for wine connoisseurs. There is an endless selection of incredible wine.

Yarra Valley

contoured-vines-fullLocated in Australia, Yarra Valley is known for its classic sparkling wines as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. The wines here are influenced by both Mediterranean and continental climates. As a cooler wine region, Yarra Valley is leading the charge on leaner, acid-driven styles of Chardonnay. In fact, Oakridge Wines, located inside the vineyard was awarded three honors recently. They were awarded with Chardonnay of the Year, Wine of the Year, and Winery of the Year.

From France, Spain, and Italy to South Africa and Australia, these five vineyards have plenty of places to stop and enjoy an elegant wine experience. With professional wine connoisseurs and quaint neighboring towns, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot and taste a lot! Enjoy these recommendations!

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