Custom Wine Labels: The Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

The Perfect Gift for Wine Drinkers

Finding the perfect holiday gift is not easy; it takes time and much deliberation. The forthcoming Holiday season is always going to be a busy one; booked to the floor with parties, anniversaries, dinners, and big events. The idea of party favors and gift giving is meant as an act of appreciation, sort of like a thank you card sent from the host to their welcomed guests. Party favors are usually given on a bulk scale, consisting of the most personal and inventive items the host can think of. The idea of custom wine labels is a unique and delightful gift that Harry’s Wine and Spirits wants to present to our wonderful customers. The traits that a great gift possesses are thoughtful, creative, and memorable—traits that apply to custom wine labels. Whether it is for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, parties, or dinners; customized labels on wines will be the ultimate party favor for any special occasion.



Harry posing with a case of custom wine labeled bottles that he just finished.

Customize Your Own Labels

In order to create an unforgettable memory, your bottle’s design should be personalized with names, logos, or the celebrated occasion. Begin by choosing one of our pre-designed templates, or use your imagination to create your own logo or seal. The design can also be etched on the cases that we pack for the bottles. For example, if you were to order cases of customized wines for a wedding, the bottles can already include the date, the name of the bride and groom, and a picture. Not only will this create a long-lasting memory for your guests, but they can also savor the exceptional wine that will come with your custom wine labels. Using the finest paper and the most secure printing process, we promise that your designs will remain true and last for many years on our superb wine selections.



Create your personalized label

Get the Party Started

Harry’s Wine and Spirits offers custom wine label bottles starting at $15 per bottle for each case. The wine selection is considered very carefully by master sommelier, Harry Shirafi, ranging from fine red, white, and blended wines produced from multiple international and local vineyards. The prices may rise based on the quality of each wine packed with only one brand allowed for each case. The ideal gift idea is not too far away, get started on you wine label making now before the rush of the holiday season lands.

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