Best Beach Drinks to Have This Summer

Margarita Arriba amigos, you can never go wrong with this summer classic. Originally from Mexico, Margaritas have been in bars since the 40s, but only got more popular in the 70s. • 2 oz. tequila. • 1 oz. Cointreau. • 1 oz. lime juice. • Cocktail glass. • Coarse salt. • Agave syrup. Directions 1. [...]

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How to Host Your Own Wine Tasting Party the Right Way!

Hosting your own wine tasting party can be a fun affair. At Harry's Wine & Spirits we host our own monthly wine tastings, so we know what it takes to do a proper wine tasting. In case you can't make it to our monthly wine tasting, we can give you tips, so you can host [...]

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The Best Picnic Wine This Season!

The Best Picnic Wine Since the weather is getting warmer, now's the perfect time to plan an amazing picnic. From the beaches, to the parks and various lookout spots, you have plenty of locations to choose from. At Harry's, we know the perfect item that would complement any picnic. Wine...of course! We know you'll be [...]

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6 Tequila Benefits – Yes Tequila is Actually Good for You!

The Healthy Truth About Tequila Tequila doesn't just taste good, but it's good for you. Of course we advocate for drinking responsibly, and like most things, moderation is recommended. Having said that, tequila benefits are aplenty! Also keep in mind that we're not talking about bottom shelf tequila when it comes to soaking in real [...]

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DIY Champagne Tricks That Are Easy

A Taste of Luxury Drinking champagne isn't just a New Year's Eve tradition. It should be something that you partake in a lot more throughout the year. At Harry's Wine & Spirits, we know how deliciously decadent champagne can be, which is why you should be drinking it for all celebratory moments. But drinking it [...]

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5 Most Famous Vineyards in the World

There are countless vineyards in this country and around the world that are unique in their own ways. If we had our way, we'd take some time off and visit each and every one of them! Since we (and most people) can't do that, we put together a list of 5 most famous vineyards in [...]

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Gifting the Perfect Alcohol Gifts

Alcohol Gift Ideas At Harry's December is the time of year when gift giving becomes the most stressful. From department stores to online retailers, it can be overwhelming just trying to find the right gifts to get for your loved ones. But don't despair! At Harry's Wine & Spirits, we have amazing alcohol gifts that [...]

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The Key Distinctions Between New World and Old World Wine

  VS.   New World vs. Old World The best thing about wine is that even if two wines were made from the same grape variety, their taste could still be vastly different based on the climate, the region, the growth, and the winemaking practice from their respected winery and vineyard. Wine can distinct themselves within [...]

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Spirits Tasting Events Now At Harry’s

Just Like Wine The art of Spirits Tasting is an intricate thing. Compared to wine; distinguishing the flavor, aroma, distillery, and ingredients of different vodka, gin, bourbon, and tequila might be a tad more difficult, based on the powerful scent of the liquor. In truth, there are a lot of colorful and descriptive words to [...]

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Five Must-Have Wines For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Equals to Wine Regarding the big picture, Valentine's Day is a tremendous occasion for you and your significant other to enjoy a night of dining and romance. Finding the perfect wines for Valentine's Day is definitely a must. If you choose to go out to one of the finest restaurants in LA, then you [...]

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