The Key Distinctions Between New World and Old World Wine

  VS.   New World vs. Old World The best thing about wine is that even if two wines were made from the same grape variety, their taste could still be vastly different based on the climate, the region, the growth, and the winemaking practice from their respected winery and vineyard. Wine can distinct themselves within [...]

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Spirits Tasting Events Now At Harry’s

Just Like Wine The art of Spirits Tasting is an intricate thing. Compared to wine; distinguishing the flavor, aroma, distillery, and ingredients of different vodka, gin, bourbon, and tequila might be a tad more difficult, based on the powerful scent of the liquor. In truth, there are a lot of colorful and descriptive words to [...]

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Five Must-Have Wines For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Equals to Wine Regarding the big picture, Valentine's Day is a tremendous occasion for you and your significant other to enjoy a night of dining and romance. Finding the perfect wines for Valentine's Day is definitely a must. If you choose to go out to one of the finest restaurants in LA, then you [...]

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The Best Ways to Study Wine on Your Own

Become a Wine Expert Without The Classes To study wine and become a Master Wine Sommelier, one must undergo a long and meticulous process of education and learning. Next is a series of difficult tests involving service, knowledge, and tasting. The certification of a Master Sommelier is quite an honor to achieve, but individuals can [...]

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Our Favorite Christmas Food and Wine Pairings

Christmas Time With Food And Wine Oh how we love the holidays. They don't call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. We are still in the midst of merry songs, beautiful decorations, and insane shopping days, but we all look mighty forward to those delicious Christmas dinners with our family and [...]

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Cabernet Sauvignon: The King of Red Grape Wine

We are approaching the end of summer, and although living in Los Angeles we are free to enjoy the beach and sun all year round, it is realistic to expect the weather to dip at least a little bit in temperature.  Now that we are preparing for fall and the days to get both a [...]

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