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Join Us for Our Monthly Wine Tastings

wine tastingWine tasting is a fun and relaxing affair enjoyed by both casual and serious wine drinkers. LA locals who are just a hop away from California’s most famous vineyards may find themselves tempted to make the trip to Napa Valley, Santa Barbara or Temecula. Yet, why make the long trek when you can get a similar wine tasting experience with us? Harry’s Wine & Spirits brings the wondrous flavors of international wineries within reach through monthly wine tasting events hosted inside our very own Brentwood shop. Guests are presented with a special tasting flight of new and exotic wines which will delight your senses.

Develop a Taste and Appreciation for New Wines and Classic Wines

Led by friendly wine sommelier, Harry Sharafi, our intimate tastings offer a taste of delicious wines from countries like Italy, France, Portugal and Argentina. Current wine enthusiasts can expand on their knowledge of international flavors, while beginners can learn wine tasting etiquette. Newcomers will learn techniques on how to aerate their wine, hold their glasses and in what to look for upon tasting. Every tasting features a tasting flight of six different wines, each with varying fullness, color and sweetness.

Ask to Reserve a Private Wine Tasting Event

Want to arrange for a private wine tasting? Harry’s Wine & Spirits accepts tasting reservations for you and a group of your friends. Share a bonding experience like no other while chatting with wine expert Harry Sharafi. With decades of experience drinking wine, Harry can answer all of your questions along the way. Regardless of your group’s wine tasting history, your private party’s experience is guaranteed to be laid-back, informative and certainly delicious.